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Don't Get Scammed

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Don't Get Scammed

By all accounts the appliance repair business is an honorable one. However, like any market, appliance repair has its share of dishonest people that are just looking to take your money.

Here at Heritage Appliance Repair, we've been around for over 20 years servicing local clients. Our owner, Albert Clayton, is well known in the area as an honest and caring business man. A recent article in the news through reminded us that this isn't always the case.

The department began investigating Harner for scams in August after someone reported he had taken cash for appliance parts without performing any repairs. The 46-year-old Harner is charge with appliance repair scams in Cumberland, Dauphin and York counties, and several arrest warrants had been issued.

Wesley Robinson

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The person in this story was charged with appliance repair scams in several counties in central Pennsylvania and several arrest warrants had been issued for him. While the law usually and eventually catches up with these people, many people don't see restitution for the money that has been paid to a fraudulent appliance repairman. We have heard of similar incidents all over the country and recognize that people may have a fear that the repair service provider that they are hiring isn't legitimate and is seeking to steal their money or even just overcharge for their services.

At Heritage, we want you to know that we have been servicing the greater Northeast Georgia area for many years and have a great reputation for the service that we provide. We are always more than happy to provide references and we always show up in a marked van at the pre-arranged time. We take not only the financial investment in appliance repair of our clients seriously, we take security seriously as well. Trust Heritage to provide accurate and fair appliance repair estimates, doing only the work that is necessary and authorized, while using new, OEM approved replacement parts.


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