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What's The Best Brand of Dishwasher to Buy?

Hint: Bosch

What's The Best Brand of Dishwasher to Buy? image

What's The Best Brand of Dishwasher to Buy?

We looked at some analysis done by consumer reports and thought we'd share with you what consumers thought the best (and worst) dishwasher brands are. In general, we see Bosch holding the top spot, which is rightfully deserved in our opinion. Also, we see the South Korean appliances hanging at the bottom of the ranking - LG, Samsung (who isn't listed but ranks on par with LG from our experience), etc. create some find looking machines, but these South Korean brands are currently struggling with quality.

Failure Rates for Major Dishwasher Brands

The bar graph below shows the failure rates as reported to Consumer Reports. Appliances with less failures/repairs have the shortest bars (lowest failure rates).





















Fisher & Paykel





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